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social responsibility

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we believe that business success comes from building a connection between social responsibility and community wellbeing.

Adharia reduces the environmental footprint of its projects by using eco-sustainable practices, choosing certified materials and adopting innovative technologies for energy and water saving.

transparency and culture

ADHARIA is committed to open and responsible communication with all its stakeholders, providing transparent, accessible information about the way we consume resources.

This policy of transparency extends beyond the mere sharing of data and embraces a culture of sustainability and environmental awareness, encouraging a continuous dialogue on the management and optimisation of resources.

responsible water management

Water is a vital resource. ADHARIA is dedicated to conserving it with the same attention paid to energy. The natural water cycle is maintained and respected thanks to water-saving plumbing technologies, as well as rainwater harvesting and recycling systems designed to reduce the consumption of drinking water and wastewater. Careful control of water consumption ensures a responsible and sustainable approach to the management of the water resource.

technology and energy efficiency

ADHARIA uses an advanced energy monitoring system that integrates smart home automation technologies for detailed, real-time analysis of energy consumption.

The system not only identifies areas where efficiency can be optimised, but also provides residents with a clear understanding of their home’s energy footprint.

our commitment to the future

At ADHARIA, social responsibility is not only a duty – it's a fundamental part of our corporate identity.

The company is committed to playing its part in building a better future for all, by investing in the wellbeing of people and the environment.

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