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Adharia is a brand and a development company that is introducing a new way of experiencing international luxury living through the design and construction of floating suites and apartments.

Design, architecture and respect for the environment combine to enhance the natural beauty of some of the world's most stunning waterside locations and to offer leading international hospitality providers the opportunity to enhance their offering with a highly sustainable, avant-garde and innovative product.

philosophy and design

The brand’s philosophy is reflected in the design and construction of sophisticated floating suites and apartments. The structures are designed to integrate harmoniously with the unspoilt scenery of coasts, lakes and waterways, creating a unique hospitality experience without compromising the equilibrium of nature.

our commitment to sustainability

Adharia’s floating suites not only embody elegance and comfort – they are also a concrete response to the need to protect our planet. These sustainable homes are designed to minimise environmental impact and promote eco-friendly development.

resorts and suites

The combination of several floating suites allows the creation of luxury resorts in exclusive locations, offering a luxurious and secluded refuge for those looking for an escape from the daily routine. These destinations are chosen not only for their natural beauty, but also because they offer an ecological and environmentally friendly experience.