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An innovative concept

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adharia is a sustainable, avant-garde project that offers luxury residences and responsible living experiences in evocative locations.

Every detail is planned and realised to meet the highest standards of environmental protection. Design, comfort and well-being are of the highest order.

connecting with nature

ADHARIA floating suites are an oasis of tranquillity, bringing guests closer to nature without disturbing its balance. ADHARIA's floating suites and apartments were born from the idea of directly connecting humans with water, to create spaces where the tranquillity and fluidity of this natural element can enhance wellbeing and inner peace.

our idea of resort


One of the fundamental characteristics of floating suites is their modularity, which offers unprecedented flexibility as the living space can be adapted to suit the needs and preferences of guests.
Modularity is embodied in our two core designs: the floating suite and the sun deck, which combine a versatile living experience with a relaxing outdoor space for entertaining friends.

tailor-made spaces

At ADHARIA, modularity is more than just a technical characteristic. It’s an integral part of our construction concept. Each space is designed to be fluid and fully customisable. Any configuration of the space is possible, so personalisation allows for pure self-expression.

innovative design

Floating suites are designed to be extremely versatile and blend harmoniously into various styles and settings. This flexibility is made possible by the innovative design, high-quality materials and advanced technologies, which means you can combine, rearrange or extend the modules as needed.

The option to alter the module layout means that each suite can be aligned with the customer’s lifestyle and preferences, leaving plenty of room for creative self-expression and personalisation.