Exclusivity, competitiveness and differentiation: discover all the advantages

The Adharia Suites are the result of an accurated research that has allowed to create extremely innovative structures, equipped with great comfort and exclusive hotellerie services.

Intended for the location in the sea, lake, rivers and canals, the Luxury Floating Suites rapresent a new innovation in the luxury hotel sector to offer its customers a unique and unforgettable experience.

1. Differentiate yourself in luxury hospitality and enhance your brand.

2. Innovative concept of luxury, lifestyle and nature.

3. Exclusive Italian design with the highest standards of comfort.

4. 100% eco-sustainable solution: photovoltaic system and phytodepuration.

5. Modular and versatile system for quick expanding their hotel offer (fast to build, easily transported on site and without infrastructure charges).

6. 75 sqm Suite, 100% customizable interior design. Built with the most advanced technology (Robotic Industrial Modeling).

Excellence, nature & finest luxury.

Engage with nature in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.
Adharia Luxury Floating Suites are an exclusive privilege.

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